Enjoy a Glasses-Free 3D Phone Experience from ZOPO

Smart phones are the new breed of mobile phones that are quickly replacing the good,Enjoy a Glasses-Free 3D Phone Experience from ZOPO Articles old simple mobile phone technologies, and making them finer and smarter. Almost all big brands of mobile phone companies have rolled out their own versions of smart phones with cutting edge technologies and making mobile phoning a pretty neat experience.

However, all those big brands charge high prices due to the market share they enjoy in the smart phone market. Taking a big risk, a premier Chinese mobile phone manufacturing company has introduced its own 3D phone edition, which has created quite a stir in the market.

This amazing smart phone comes with all the design, specification and performance features that give smart phones their name. The great thing about this phone is its 3D features which not every smart phone manufacturer is offering right now. Although it is affordable, but by no means ZP 200 lacks in any features regarding its performance and technology.
That is why, for a long time, this phone has stayed available only on pre-order basis but continued to attract attention from smart phone lovers. This is the first smart phone in China with glasses-free 3D experience and offers amazing and smooth shift from 2D to 3D. With this phone, you can enjoy the real 3D experience without any special glasses, with your own bare eyes!

Not only it has seriously wonderful 3D features, it also has a processor that is cutting edge in the market. The MTK MT6575 ultra processor, you can enjoy a phone that gives you complete freedom to switch between applications without worrying about any system crashes, and also open multiple applications and still enjoy a smooth sell iphone 12 pro phoning experience.

ZOPO ZP 200 3D phone especially becomes more appealing because of its capacitive screen, which stretches to whole 4.3 inches, that allows you to operate your phone with really just your finger tips. You do not need to use a stylus or press your phone screen to run a feature; all you have to do is touch it. The dream of actually running your phone on your fingertips has finally come alive.

ZP 200 3D phone also sports two cameras; one in the rear and one in the front and supports 720P video recording. You just now have to switch your phone on and start recording. We bet, watching it on your ZP 200’s naked-eye 3D screen will make the viewing much more enjoyable.